One thing to remember is that throughout the entire period of the focus of this mod, as well as long before and after, no matter what army or faction, soldiers personalised their own gear. There was never a uniform, the closest there was in some armies was a homogenisation of a units general equipment. This is something that we want to focus on representing in every soldiers appearance, giving a realistic variety of colors, clothing, weapons and armor amongst troops.

Will be dramatically overhauled to provide a much more realistic, in-depth, and immersive experience. The economy will be reworked to fit the new recruitment system and unit sizes (more on this later). We also plan on reworking the pirate mechanics, and introducing a few more via scripts (more on these later). A area of recruitment system will be introduced that is as accurate as possible, because as CA themselves have said, when the player starts playing nothing is 100% accurate anymore, along with reworking the mercenaries.(more on campaign mechanics to come)

In order to give this mod a sense of a total overhaul we will be redoing the standard stuff, like new menu and start up videos, loading screens, and artwork. On top of this however we have some unique ideas which we will not be sharing just yet...

I will update add specific features as they are implemented so that you can see what we are up to, and follow the progress of this mod. For now, I will have descriptions of the general ideas that we are trying to achieve. Please feel free to post your own ideas on this thread, they will be copied to a ideas thread that we have in our twcenter group, and then if it works in the mod, added to the plan thread.

The elite units in Imperia Antiquitas will be superior to their regular counterparts, but everyone is only human, so they will not act as your invincible supermen on the field. Overexpose your elite units and they will break.

Are a huge part of historical accuracy, and there is a lot to get right. First off, the units themselves, did they really exist? what weapons did they carry? what armor did they where? how good where they? what where there tactical formation sizes? what was there individual unit spacing? And then the monumental task of skinning all of them with historically correct colors, and making the 3d models for there weapons and armor.

Credit where credit is due here, CA have done a fantasitic job with the audio of Rome 2, however we have still managed to find something to make a bit better. First off we will be experimenting with changing the marching audio. As seen here, the marching sounds are great, but they are out of time with the troop's feet. This is most likely because this a a group formation sound. To counter this we will be experimenting with turning these sounds down/off while turning the individual units footstep sounds up, which should alleviate this "problem". Also, for thoughs of you out there who still want the nostalgia of Rome 1, we will be making a Rome 1 sound pack, with all the original music, and some of the more iconic sounds such as "Rome has conquered".