We are in major need of skilled 2d skinners, and 3d artists.

Concept artist is another one were recruiting, so that we can bring our research and ideas alive!

Finally, were also looking for scripters (not coders) who can create scripts to implement additional campaign features.

Have any other skills you think would be usefull?

If your interested, send a PM to user name General George S. Patton on Total War Center.

Welcome to the Imperium Aquilarum Official Website

Imperium Aquilarum is a mod going through development for the Creative Assembly
title, Total War: Rome 2. It is designed to give players the most historically
accurate, realistic gaming experience possible with the Rome 2 game engine.
We will be making use of the massive possibilities of the Rome 2 engine to
hopefully offer an unbeatable experience, unaccomplished in previous Total War
games. Realism is our primary goal. People say realism isn't fun? We believe
it's the way realism is portrayed, some things simply can't be done due to the
fact that it is a game, and people have limits of the patience. This goal of
this mod is not to slow the battles down to a agonizingly slow rate so that
they take hours. This accomplishes nothing gameplay or realism wise.

Imperium Aquilarum, translated to "Empire of Eagles", first started it's
development one month after Total War: Rome 2 was announced, and is the first
mod ever for Rome 2. This mod was organised because there were already signs
of The Creative Assembly sacrificing to much historical accuracy for gameplay,
and we already had a feeling of the general direction that CA had taken in the
development of their game. Despite the quality, and massive possibility's Rome 2
has to offer, it appears to have the same arcade feeling as Shogun 2. We plan
to offer an alternative design and experience to what CA will offer, and in our
views, a much more enjoyable realistic experience.

This website is no where near finished, all of the media is just placeholders
they are videos and images from CA and the vanila game. The avatar have
been removed untill the releace of Rome 2, and the signatures where made by a member of the team, but not specialy for this mod